Specialty Massages



Swedish Massage
A classic European massage that helps de-stress, improve circulation, and balance the body’s energy flow.

1 hour $100
90 Minute $135


Aromatherapy Massage
A treatment that combines the relaxing power of touch and smell, which will ease your mind and body into a state of bliss.

1 hour $100  
90 Minute $145


Scalp Massage
A thorough massage of the scalp, neck, and shoulders that relieves and loosens tension (points) and muscles, leaving you totally relaxed.

30 Minutes $65
1 hour $90


Pre-Natal Massage
This is a customized massage meant specifically for anyone that is in the second or third trimester of pregnancy. This treatment will help anyone that is expecting to feel rested and relaxed.

1 hour $110

Therapeutic Massage
A personalized treatment that provides relief from conditions such as fibromyalgia and chronic pain.

1 hour $110
90 Minute $145


Deep Tissue/Sports Massage
An in-depth massage that uses special techniques to release soreness and tension. This treatment is particularly effective for physically active people.

1 hour $110
90 Minute $150


Stone Therapy Massage
A massage, which incorporates the use of warm soothing stones to help release tension, stress, and strain while promoting deep relaxation.

1 hour $100
90 Minute $140


Reflexology Massage
A treatment that concentrates on the reflex points of the hands or feet. Pressure and massage are applied to specific areas to revitalize the body’s energy flow and reduce stress.

30 Minute $65
1 hour $90


   Couples Massage / Side by Side Massage

   Enjoy a soothing and relaxing treatment with a friend or that special someone. Escape to the Rouge Spa suite to truly unwind.

   60 Minute $110  per person

   90 Minute $140  per person


 For just $15 you can add a Spa Lunch to any spa service! 







60 Minute $75 (originally $100) Massage / 5 Massage $375

90 Minute $115(Originally $135) Massage/ 5 Massage $575



Buy 3 Massages, Get the 4th FREE

1 Hour Massage $75 each/ $300  -----  4 Massages

90 Minute Massage (originally $135) $115 each/  4  $460 ---  4 Massages



5 for $375 - 1 Hour Massage at just $75 each

5 for $575 - 90 Minute Massage at $115 each